Industrial Thread Stand

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Item Description

Industrial Thread Stand holds two thread cones and mounts to any table top (drilling required). The stand accommodates up to 16 oz. cones of thread. The thread is pulled up off the top of the cone to an eye in the top of the thread stand to ease tension problems and add an extra extra twist in the thread which adds strength and helps keep the thread from unlaying. Mounting screws not included. Color may vary.

Installation Instructions:

  • Thread the center post (thicker bar with nut) through the small mounting plate and tighten to the mounting plate with the nut above.
  • Remove the lock washer and nut off both small cone posts. Insert a cone post on both sides of the thread shelf (shaped like a figure 8) and secure with the lock washer and nut on the underside of the shelf.
  • Slip a foam disk over each cone post.
  • Press a cone stabilizer (cylindrical cone piece) down over each foam disk so the narrow end is at the top (if included).
  • Slide the thread shelf onto the center post and secure with the bolt on the underside of the shelf.
  • Thread the thin remaining post into the center post and secure with nut.
  • Remove the thumb nut and 4 prong piece on top of the thin post.
  • Place the 2 hooked arms (used as eyes for the thread) over the top of the center post with the hook opening up to create a T shape. Reinstall the 4 prong piece over the arms, then the thumb screw, and tighten in place.
  • Mark and pre-drill holes for the mounting plate into the table top.
  • Use screws (sold separately) to secure the thread stand to the table top surface.

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