Re-Upholster Your Own Chair DVD

Re-Upholster Your Own Chair DVD

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Re-Upholster Your Own Chair DVD provides instructions and tips on how to re-upholster a chair of any style. This comprehensive DVD contains everything from removing old fabric and tack strips, cushion patterns, piping, sewing, and mechanically fastening new coverings. This upholstery video also includes a special segment on how to make removable or loose cushions and how to install button forms in cushions and pillows.

Run time: 161 minutes

Re-Upholster Your Own Chair DVD Includes:

  • Take Pictures of Old Chair
  • Remove Old Fabric Panels
  • Removing Tack Strips
  • Examining Corner Pleats
  • Removing Straight Tack Strips
  • Examining the Fabric Pulls
  • Removing Fabric on Arms
  • Removing Seat Bottom and Back
  • Creating Patterns
  • How to Pattern
  • Make Your Own Piping
  • More Patterning Steps
  • How to Sew Piping
  • Sewing Arm Panels
  • Sewing Facings on Seat Bottom
  • Sewing Facing on Seat Back
  • Sewing Fabric Pulls
  • Upholstering Arms
  • Upholstering Seat Bottom
  • Upholstering Sides
  • Upholstering Seat Back
  • Installing Piping Along Bottom Edge
  • Installing Piping Along Back
  • Using Flexible Curve Tack Strip
  • Upholstering Back
  • Joining Piping Along Bottom Edge
  • Using Cardboard Strips
  • Underling

Loose Cushion Section:

  • Patterning Foam
  • Cutting Foam
  • Patterning Fabric
  • Constructing a Cushion Zipper Plaque
  • Calculate Boxing, Zipper Plaque, Piping
  • Cutting Plates
  • Width of Boxing
  • Cutting Boxing, Piping Strips & Zipper Plaque
  • Making Your Own Piping
  • Sewing the Zipper Plaque
  • Joining Zipper Plaque w Boxing
  • Sewing Piping on Cushion
  • Sew Boxing to Plate
  • Seam to Join Boxing to Zipper Plaque
  • Joining Piping
  • Notches at Corners
  • Sewing Finial Plate
  • Covering Foam with Batting
  • Stuffing Foam in Cushion Cover
  • Creating a Button Form