Rivet Type:High-Strength Blind Rivet
Rivet Material:18-8 Stainless Steel
Rivet Finish:Plain
Mandrel Material:Stainless Steel
Rivet Material Thickness Range:0.062 – 0.270 inch
Diameter:0.188 inch (3/16")
Hole Size:0.191 – 0.201 inch
Drill Size:#11
Length:0.415 inch
Head Style:Domed
Head Diameter:0.385 inch
Head Height:0.085 inch
Shear Strength:1400 pounds
Tensile Strength:1100 pounds
Sale Unit:Each


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strongest rivets available - still easy to pull and snap

by -

The Specifications Tab on these rivets show a Shear Strength of 1400 pounds and a Tensile Strength of 1100 pounds. I could not find a stronger 3/16" diameter rivet anywhere else online. Don't be concerned that these are more difficult to use due to their higher than usual strength, they pull and snap just as nicely as any other rivet using a standard pop rivet gun. Considering how few rivets are actually used when assembling a Bimini versus how important it is for end caps to stay in place under stress, these rivets are well worth the extra cost. Be sure to consider purchasing/using the Drill Steady Tubing Tool Item # 100967 for exact hole drilling placement, works like a charm and doesn't scratch. You'll also want 1/8" Cobalt drill bits (with a little oil) for easy drilling in stainless steel, including 1" tube which has a slightly thicker tube wall. You can use the set screw of the fitting to get the exact location of the hole you need to drill, just position the fitting fully on the tube and orient in the proper direction, next, over-tighten the set screw which will scratch or dent the surface of the tube thus marking your rivet hole location, back the set screw off completely before removing to prevent any misleading marks. The Drill Steady Tubing Tool can then be site-placed over the spot marked and drilled.