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SeaMark Pacific Blue

SeaMark Pacific Blue 60" Waterproof Fabric

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SeaMark Pacific Blue 60" is the perfect combination of Sunbrella (a premier woven acrylic fabric) and Haartz (a textured marine-grade vinyl) that results in a colorfast, waterproof fabric that can withstand the harsh conditions of any marine environment. SeaMark fabrics are engineered to endure salt, moisture, sun, wind, and temperature extremes. This vinyl-backed Sunbrella has superior seam and tensile strength and is di-electrically sealable.

SeaMark is an exterior grade marine fabric specifically designed for outdoor use. There is a right and wrong side to this fabric, meaning that only the Sunbrella canvas side of the SeaMark should be exposed to the outside. The vinyl backing is color coordinated with the Sunbrella top. Use SeaMark Pacific Blue for convertible and boat tops, dodgers, biminis, awnings, tonneau covers, and cockpit cushions.


Width: 60"
Weight: 16 oz. per square yard
Sale Unit: Sold per linear yard

SeaMark Pacific Blue 60" Features:

  • 100% solution-dyed acrylic fabric
  • Waterproof vinyl backing
  • UV resistant
  • Mildew resistant
  • Excellent tear and tensile strength
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Easy to sew (use V-69 thread with #18 needle or V-92 thread with #20 needle)

SeaMark Care and Cleaning:

Regular washings will enhance the life and beauty of the fabric and will make successive cleaning easier. Remove bird and tree droppings and loose dirt immediately using a vacuum with a brush attachment. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Hand wash with mild soap (Ivory or Lux) in the shade (not direct sunlight if possible). Do not use detergent. Allow cleaner to soak for 10-20 minutes and scrub lightly with a soft nylon brush or terry cloth. Rinse thoroughly and let air dry - NEVER put SeaMark fabric in the dryer.

For stubborn stains, mix a solution of no more than 4 oz. bleach with 2 oz. mild soap per gallon of water. Let soak for 20 minutes and scrub lightly. Rinse thoroughly to prevent streaking on painted or chrome surfaces.