SnapRite® Twist Lock Die Kit Demo Video

Item #: 200597

SnapRite Twist Lock Die Kit is a uniquely designed system that installs Twist Lock fasteners to canvas using a standard rivet tool. The SnapRite Twist Lock Die kit makes installing twist lock fasteners quick and easy. Included in the kit is the Spin Cut tool and a cutting block, so a hole can easily be precut in the fabric without needing a hard surface or a mallet. With this system, the entire installation of Twist Lock fasteners can be done without a workbench, making it ideal for use on a boat. 

Install twist lock fasteners on your boat for accurate positioning. The key to this system is the use of a SnapRite Mandrel and using snap components that have a hole down the center. The SnapRite Twist Lock Die Kit requires the use of SnapRite Buttons. This system works with any standard rivet tool; so buying a new tool is unnecessary if you already have one. 

SnapRite Twist Lock Die Kit Includes:
• SnapRite Twist Lock Die
• SnapRite Button Die
• 5″ x 5″ Premium Cutting Block
• 1/8″ Stayput Spin Cut Tool
• 100 SnapRite Mandrels

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