Stayput Spin Cut 7/16" (11mm) Tool

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Stayput Spin Cut 7/16" (11mm) Tool is designed to attach to your drill to "spin cut" a hole in fabric. The Stayput Spin Cut Tool was developed as a low impact hole cutting method that requires only a small cutting board. This convenient hole cutter can be used safely against a boat cabin or car body with the cutting board without the risk of causing damage. The Spin Cut also cuts through tough fabrics like webbing with ease.

Hold a cutting board behind the fabric and gently push the drill against the fabric to cut a hole. With only a small cutting board required, the Stayput Spin Cut Tool allows for mobile hole cutting wherever a hole is needed whether on-the-go, on the boat, or in the shop!

Hole size: 7/16 inch


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