Twine 7-ply 8oz (660 Feet)

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Twine 7-ply 8 oz. (660 Feet) is a round construction, polyester sailmaker’s twine used for hand sewing. The ply used depends on personal preference, but we recommend using 7-ply twine for sewing large rings. Use a #14 or #16 needle with 7-ply twine. The strands of a heavy ply twine can be unlaid to use for other purposes. This twine is not pre-waxed, be sure to order wax. Twine should be well waxed—this greatly increases its resistance to the elements and reduces the chafe involved in the sewing process.

We recommend using a lighter twine for hand sewing seams and smaller rings.


  • Weight: 7-ply
  • Construction: Round
  • Length: 8 ounces (660 feet)
  • Un-Waxed Polyester
  • Color: White

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