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Ultrafeed® LS-1 Straight Stitch
& LSZ-1 Zigzag/Straight Stitch
Sewing Machines

The Ultrafeed Difference.

Explore the features that make the machine.

Built with only the toughest, most reliable parts, the Ultrafeed Sewing Machine Series are portable, industrial sewing machines with superior performance and excellent versatility.

Ultrafeed Power

Industrial Strength Power

Designed with heavy-duty sewing in mind.

Every Ultrafeed is equipped with a walking foot, features a 3/8″ foot lift, and has a best-in-class needle bar stroke length.

Industrial Strength Power >

Patented Posi-Pin System

The key to full power capacity.

Guarantees a 100% power transfer from the balance wheel to the needle, giving you the power to sew through thick assemblies without causing the machine to abruptly stop while sewing.

Patented Posi-Pin >

Oversize Balance Wheel

Superior slow speed power and control.

Having an oversized balance wheel greatly increases the slow speed power and control of the Ultrafeed with greater torque and the ability for slow, precise stitching.

Oversize Balance Wheel

Monster II and Posi Pin
Gib Hook

Patented Scarfed Gib Hook

Precise timing with fewer adjustments.

The scarfed gib hook has a groove that minimizes the needle's ability to strike the hook, resulting in a machine that can be timed precisely and needs less adjusting.

Patented Scarfed Gib Hook >

Conveniently Portable

Transports easily to where you need it most.

Get the sewing power of an industrial machine in a package that you can easily maneuver around your home or pack up and take with you on your boat or on the road.

Ultrafeed Portability
Ultrafeed Quality

Quality Components

Robust, all-metal casting and internal parts.

Every Ultrafeed is built with only the toughest and most reliable of parts. Plus, every Ultrafeed is tuned and finished right here in our Indiana workshop.

Quality Components >

A+ Customer Support

Best in the industry support, start to finish.

Each machine comes with an in-depth guidebook, an instructional DVD to accompany the text, and a 2-year limited warranty on every Ultrafeed.

Customer Support >

Can It Sew?

A question we get asked all the time is, “Can the Ultrafeed sew…?” And the answer is yes!

The Ultrafeed can sew just about anything, from light home sewing, to denim or leather, and even heavy sail corner assemblies!
Take a look, all of the materials below were sewn on an Ultrafeed Sewing Machine.

Choose the Ultrafeed that’s best for you!

What's the difference between the red and blue machines?

Stitch Types

The Ultrafeed Sewing Machines come in two models that are color coded so you can tell them apart at a glance. The Ultrafeed LS-1 is our red machine, and it is a straight stitch only machine. The Ultrafeed LSZ-1, the blue machine, is a straight and zigzag stitch machine. The LSZ-1 also offers a needle positioning lever, so you can move the needle left, right and center, so you can sew zippers without changing the foot!

We offer the same, great Ultrafeed in 3 package options so you can get as little or as many accessories as you want!

Both the LS-1 Straight Stitch and LSZ-1 Zigzag & Straight Stitch sewing machines are available in a BASIC and PLUS package. The LSZ-1 is also available in a PREMIUM package.

LS-1 & LSZ-1 BASIC Package

Perfect for:

  • First-time sewers
  • Home sewers using heavy materials
  • Anyone who needs a basic, portable,
    heavy-duty sewing machine

LS-1 & LSZ-1 PLUS Package

Perfect for:

  • Serious home sewers
  • Boaters wanting to sew canvas or sails
  • Anyone who needs an easily portable,
    heavy-duty sewing machine


Perfect for:

  • Boaters wanting to sew canvas or sails
  • Sewers who wants all the bells & whistles
  • Cruisers sewing without electricity
  • Anyone who needs an easily portable,
    heavy-duty sewing machine

Still not sure which machine is best suited for you?

For a full list of what's included, download our Ultrafeed Package Comparison Chart.

THE ULTRAFEED JOURNEY Read the full history of the Ultrafeed and how it evolved into the world's best portable, heavy-duty sewing machine. READ MORE >

Ultrafeed Q&A

Frequently asked questions with Sailrite's sewing machine experts.

Does the blue (LSZ-1) machine have straight stitch, too?

Yes, the LSZ-1 has up to a 6 mm straight stitch, the perfect stitch length for outdoor canvas work.

Can you adjust the size of the zigzag?

The zigzag stitch size can be set by adjusting the stitch length and stitch width levers, the maximum size is 6 mm x 5 mm.

What thickness of leather will an Ultrafeed sew?

The Ultrafeed will sew leather that is up to 6 mm or 1/4 in. thick. For best results, sew leather with a DI leather needle.

Does the Ultrafeed machines sew light weight material, too?

Yes, to sew lighter material just install a smaller needle, smaller thread size and loosen the tension by turning the tension knob counter-clockwise.

Is the Ultrafeed an industrial sewing machine?

Yes, the Ultrafeed is a portable, industrial sewing machine. While the Ultrafeed does not have the high speeds or the arm length of a traditional industrial sewing machine, it has the added benefit of being portable and sews with industrial strength.

Why would I need the Monster Wheel?

The 7+ pound Monster II Balance Wheel adds power at slower speeds and enables you to use the machine without electricity by utilizing the hand crank.

What kind of thread does the Ultrafeed use?

All threads from Home Sewing Thread up to and including V-92 UV Bonded Polyester.

Are all Ultrafeed sewing machines the same?

The Ultrafeed comes in two models, the red LS-1, which is straight stitch only, and the blue LSZ-1, which is both straight and zigzag stitch. Both the LS-1 and LSZ-1 are available in BASIC and PLUS packages. The LSZ-1 is also available in the PREMIUM package. The machines themselves are exactly the same in each configuration.

For larger projects, how can you get more material under the machine arm?

Roll the fabric up to fit under the machine arm. Use pony clamps to hold the roll material at the ends.

I don’t live in the United States, can I still get an Ultrafeed?

Yes! For our customers outside the United States, like in Europe and Australia, we offer both the LS-1 and the LSZ-1 PLUS Sewing Machines in a 220/240V (50/60 Hz) version.

Helpful Resources

Whether you're just starting out or have been sewing for years,
we've got a how-to project for you!

Our Promise

Peace of mind and unbeatable support for every Ultrafeed we sell!

Each machine comes with an in-depth guidebook, an instructional DVD and a 2-year limited warranty. We also offer great streaming videos on all kinds of tips and techniques for sewing with your Ultrafeed. You can rest assured that we’ll be here to help you every step of the way.

If for whatever reason you don't love your Ultrafeed, return it in it's original condition within 30 days for a full refund less delivery.