1-1/2" Brown Polyester Webbing (300 ft.)




Polyester webbing offers excellent UV resistance and high strength. Polyester webbing does not stretch much, even in water. Use this flat webbing for bag handles, support straps, hiking straps, harnesses, hammock suspension, and pet collars and leashes. You can also use it on the edge of canvas for fastener reinforcement, for tie downs, sail ties, at sail corners and much more. If you need a stronger polyester webbing with a higher breaking strength, search for Heavy Duty Polyester Webbing on our site.

All Sailrite® webbing features a catch cord. A catch cord is a yarn which binds the "knitted" needle edge of webbing woven on a needle loom. The catch cord prevents the fill yarn from unraveling at the cut end. Cutting webbing with a hotknife is still highly recommended.

Please Note: The webbing is made to specifications, however due to the weaving process the width can vary up to ± 1/32”.


  • Good UV resistance and colorfastness
  • Strong — good breaking strength
  • Not much stretch
  • Doesn't absorb water
  • Smooth to the hand

Note: A roll of webbing may not consist of one continuous length of webbing. There may be a webbing splice in the roll. Sailrite cannot guarantee one continuous length of webbing in the roll.