3 Ways to Crease Sunbrella® Marine Grade Fabric

Item # X-HT-300008

Have you ever noticed that Sunbrella® Marine Grade fabric can be difficult to fold over and crease? If you’ve ever tried to hem it, you’ve probably run into this problem. The stiffness of the fabric doesn’t take a crease well, so the hem wants to continually unfold. Today we’re sharing three quick tips for getting a nice crease on Sunbrella to make it easier to work with.

1. Press the Fold

Crease the fold with a ruler or other straight edge.

Probably the easiest way to get a good crease on your Sunbrella is to press the fold. To do this, you’ll want to fold your fabric over first. Then take a ruler or a putty knife and run it over the folded edge. This will help flatten the fold and keep the crease secure. Be careful not to press too hard and break your ruler! We really like this method because it is great for bigger projects and is pretty foolproof.

2. Score the Crease

Mark where the crease should go and score the line with a screwdriver.

For a different approach, score area of the fabric that will become the crease before you even fold it over. To do this, mark a line on your fabric where the crease of the fold should go. Then using the end of a small screwdriver, gently score a line on the fabric all along the intended crease. Be careful to not apply too much pressure to the screwdriver so you don’t rip any of the fabric’s fibers. When you’re finished, your hem should nicely fold over at the location you scored. This method is great for larger projects and helps keep your fold neat and aligned.

3. Crease on a Table Edge

Crease the fabric on a table edge

This method works really well, especially on boxing and other small pieces of projects. To do this, fold your hem into your fabric. Then, while holding the hem in place, pick up your project and run the fabric up and down against the edge of your table. This works best on tables or surfaces with sharp angles.

Hopefully one of these tips will help you on your next Sunbrella project. You can find Sunbrella’s full marine grade fabric line right here at Sailrite, in our Marine Canvas category.