6 Time-Saving Tools to Speed Up Any Project

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Our six timesaving tools

Work smarter, not harder. This old adage is one we really believe in. That’s why we’re always looking for tools that will make DIY projects from marine canvaswork to upholstery projects more efficient while still maintaining professional-quality results. In this spirit, we’ve come up with a list of our six top tools that will help you achieve great looking results in less time!

6 Time-Saving Tools

Sailrite® Edge Hotknife

Sailrite Edge Hotknife cutting rope

Hem less when you heat seal the edges of your synthetic fabrics with a hotknife! The Sailrite Edge Hotknife quickly and neatly cuts rope, webbing and synthetic fabrics with no unraveling for a clean, precision cut every time. Plus, it heats up in seconds so you’re always ready to go.

Sailrite® Canvas Patterning Ruler

Sailrite Canvas Patterning Ruler drawing a line from the fabric edge

You’ll find several ways to use this versatile tool! This clear acrylic ruler features holes every quarter-inch to help you easily pattern perfect circles with a set radius, or scribe a line a set distance from the edge of the fabric. A lip on the metal top conveniently rests against the fabric edge for smoothly patterning seam allowances or cut lines.

Speedy Stitcher® Sewing Awl

Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl sewing a patch

A great tool for making quick canvas or leather repairs, the Speedy Stitcher sews lock stitches just like a sewing machine! This tool comes in a complete kit with everything you need to get started, and extra needles conveniently store right in the handle, so it’s easy to keep at the ready in your toolbox.

Prong Bending Tool

Prong Bending Tool for Twist Lock and Lift-The-Dot Fastners

This inexpensive tool greatly improves the process of installing Twist Lock and Lift-The-Dot fasteners. The concave end of the tool holds the end of the metal prongs on these fasteners to help you easily bend them over the backing plates—much smoother than using a screwdriver!

Pres-N-Snap Installation Tool

Pres-N-Snap Tool with dies

The Pres-N-Snap is a professional-quality fastener installation tool that condenses the process of installing fasteners into just one step—which you can do with one hand! This versatile tool comes with six dies to install standard Ligne 24 snap fasteners and #1 plain washer grommets. Additional dies can be added on to make this your go-to installation tool.

Gingher® 8-Inch Scissors

Gingher scissors

A sharp, precise set of shears is a must-have for any DIYer! We love these knife-edge scissors by Gingher. With an eight-inch blade, these scissors were designed to smoothly cut through multiple layers of fabric all the way to the tip of the blades. A bent handle design makes them comfortable to hold and the blades can be re-sharpened, so they can be your go-to shears for years to come! These scissors are available in both right- and left-handed designs to perfectly suit every sewist!

You can find all of these handy tools and many more right here at Sailrite.

Have you used any of these tools? What are your favorite timesaving tools? Share your experiences with us in the comments!