How to Add a Backstay Slit in a Bimini

Item # X-HT-200276

Do you have a bimini that’s already been sewn and constructed but you need a backstay slit added to the aft edge? Our how-to video instructions will show you how to install a backstay slit in a fabricated bimini. Our backstay list has a zippered enclosure so you can keep the slit closed except for the portion that holds the backstay. Let’s get started on this easy marine sewing DIY.

First you need to measure your boat’s backstay and determine how far inward the backstay slit needs to be cut into the bimini’s aft edge. Transfer this measurement to your bimini and draw a vertical line from the bottom the top with a soapstone pencil or other marking pencil. If your bimini edge has a sleeve or small flap, do not include that in the backstay slit measurement.

Cut a vertical slit from the bottom of your bimini edge to the measurement you just marked. After your slit is cut, you’ll bind the raw edge in preparation for the zipper installation. If you cut through a pocket along the aft edge of your bimini, you’ll need to hem those raw fabric edges back so they stay out of the way of your new zippered backstay slit and so the raw fabric doesn’t fray.

Once the binding is sewn onto the fabric slit, sew your zipper plaque on top of the binding. At Sailrite® we carry YKK® brand marine and outdoor zippers as they are the best in the industry. They are ideal for saltwater environments and the zipper won’t stick, rust or degrade in the sun.

Watch our detailed, step-by-step video below for the entire backstay slit installation tutorial. We hope this has been a helpful and useful marine DIY. Be sure to check out our full lineup of how-to videos and projects for your sailboat. Thanks for watching, and happy sailing!