Bedding Deck Hardware Using Wood Screws & Butyl Tape

SKU: X-HT-200522



Have you heard of Butyl tape? It’s a great item to have on hand on your boat or in your workshop. It’s a non-hardening elastic material that’s great for bedding applications on boats. In today’s video tutorial, we’re going to show you how to use Butyl tape to bed deck hardware on a boat. Let’s get started.

In the video, we bed a flat mount plate, but this technique can be used to bed any other deck hardware for your boat using wood screws and Butyl tape as the bedding sealant. Butyl tape provides excellent sealing adhesion to any type of metal, wood, concrete, glass, plastic, fiberglass and porous surface. It creates a water- and airtight seal, and Butyl tape adhesion increases with age after it’s applied. Not only can you use it on your boat to bed hardware, but it’s great for applications around the house like for moldings, around windows, doors, vents and much more.

Watch our quick video to see how easy it is to bed deck hardware using wood screws and Butyl tape:

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