Bedding Snaps & Fasteners

Item # X-HT-200305

Need help installing snaps and fasteners on your boat? Our quick video will show you how to install snaps and fasteners into both wood and fiberglass on a boat’s surface. We use a silicone sealant to help prevent leakage around the drilled holes for the snaps and fasteners.

When putting holes in fiberglass and wood, you want the drill bit size to match the size of the screw stud minus the cutting threads. If you go too big the screw won’t hold well enough. If you go to small with the drill bit there’s a chance of cracking or damaging the fiberglass or wood. An 11/64 drill bit is the right size for standard snaps.

To bed our snaps and fasteners, we’re using 3M™ Marine Mildew Resistant Silicone. You don’t want to use an adhesive because if you ever need remove and replace the fasteners, you don’t want to cause damage to the deck by using an adhesive. The 3M Marine Sealer will seal the holes drilled into the wood or fiberglass and create a waterproof seal around the snaps and fasteners.

Watch our video to see how it’s done.

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