Canoe/Kayak 37 SF Main Sail Kit

SKU: 221010



Sew it yourself! Canoe/Kayak 37 SF Main Sail Kit lets you add a mainsail to your canoe or kayak. This crosscut kit is loose footed, made from 4 oz. white Dacron® using the designer's plans, and features four full length battens and mast hoops on the luff. Computer plotted with seaming and hem lines plotted right on the cloth, this sail kit can be made on a home sewing machine. All panels and patches are computer cut and ready for basting and sewing. Complete instructions and support from Sailrite means there is no guess work!

Construction requires a #0 Spur Die Set for batten pockets and a #3 Spur Die Set for corner grommets. All other supplies to build your sail are included; all you need are scissors and a sewing machine!

Each Sail Kit comes with complete written instructions.

Please Note: This kit does not require a boom. The mast hoops (sold separately) have a 1-½-inch diameter and can be used with a 1-½-inch aluminum or wood mast. 5 mast hoops are needed.