Cap Spring, Hook, Needle Bar, Driver & Timing for Ultrafeed

Item # X-SC-175

Before watching the video on this page check to make sure that the needle is inserted correctly. The Ultrafeed machines take a system 135 x 17 needle and it must be inserted correctly to sew. Look at the needle on the side you will see a long groove that extends from the needle eye all the way to the top of the needle stopping at the round upper shaft area of the needle (this long groove should be facing to the left). The deep indent that starts above the eye of the needle and ends about 3/16" up from the eye (this should be facing to the right). If the needle is inserted correctly then please read on and then watch the streaming video(s).

These videos contain information that may be helpful for the proper adjustment of your sewing machine. Four different videos will be available for you to view (these videos are also found on the "Ultrafeed DVD" that now comes standard with all Ultrafeed Sewing Machines).

The first video covers Cap Spring & Hook Inspection and Maintenance. If damaged you may experience shredding thread (above the eye of the needle) it is a common result of a burred cap spring and/or hook. If you are experiencing cap spring and hook burs (damage from needle strikes) it is almost always because of a needle deflection problem. In most cases it is caused by operator error. A bending needle happens usually when the operator turns corners very sharply while sewing or when in a stopped position with the needle buried slightly in the fabric. In those cases the needle enters that fabric at an angle and as it travels downward it becomes bent even more and then it hits the cap spring or the hook. This can also happen when switching from zig-zag and straight stitch with the needle buried in the fabric or when moving from or to reverse in a stopped position with the needle buried. Avoiding these situations will greatly minimize the amount of cap spring and hook maintenance required.

The second, third, and forth video will cover how to check the needle bar height, the driver rotation and how to time (left & right timing) the Ultrafeed sewing machine. If after checking the hook and cap spring for burrs and fixing those problems it still does not correct the issue properly then you may need to watch the following videos to check those parts for proper adjustment. 

Note: These videos are not searchable on the Sailrite website. The URL link (web address) is usually given out via a Sailrite Support Case. To access this video again in the future you must use this same URL link.