Covington Outdoor Anchors Graphite 55" Fabric

SKU: 120904



The perfect fabric to add a classic, nautical touch to your space! Covington Anchors Graphite is a versatile fabric with a small scale anchor design set on a light, striped background. This 100% polyester fabric has wear- and tear-resistant properties, making it a great choice for pillows, curtains and other decorative accents around your patio.

There is a right and a wrong side to this fabric, meaning only one side is meant to be exposed. This fabric is recommended for occasional outdoor use only.

Due to the nature of polyester printed fabrics, if used in high traffic areas the fabric will stretch slightly over time, giving the appearance of fabric fading. Therefore, we only recommend this fabric for occasional outdoor seating (loose patio cushions and seat backs). This characteristic of printed polyester is offset by its inherent resistance to degradation in the sun. If using indoors, use should be restricted to accent pieces.