Dinghy Chaps Instructions (PDF)

Item # X-HT-200261

A dinghy is an important piece of boating equipment. When you’re on your boat, a dinghy functions sort of like a car. It serves as a way for you to get to shore or to a neighboring boat for sundowners. That being said, it’s often vital to keep your dinghy in good working order at all times. We’ll explain how!

Inflatable dinghies are a popular style that features rubber inflatable tubes. You’ll want to protect these tubes from harsh and harmful UV rays and chafe with dinghy chaps, that function as a leave-on cover located on the top side of the tubes. Not every dinghy is the same, so the best way to ensure a custom fit is to make your own dinghy chaps! You can quickly and easily download these free instructions to get you well on your way to creating high-quality dinghy chaps.

Our step-by-step instructions feature full-color photos and detailed explanations to guide you on creating the perfect dinghy chaps. We will explain, in detail, how to prepare your dinghy, patterning your dinghy, selecting the right fabric and much more! Three different fabrics are combined in the construction of a durable and long-wearing cover. Although Sailrite® offers an enormous variety of sea-worthy fabrics, Sunbrella® or another UV and mildew resistant outdoor fabric is the best choice for the framework of your dinghy chaps.

As an added safety tip, we also recommend that you choose a fabric color that is bright enough to be seen at a distance in the water. We also recommend that you do not use the same color for your dinghy chaps as the color on your yacht's canvas. That is because a dinghy with T/T "Your Boat's Name" advertises to other boats and bystanders that you are not currently manning your vessel.