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Chilewich® has become synonymous with textured, beautiful weaves, and it’s not hard to see why. This designer fabric brand is known for creating great-looking, practical fabrics for a variety of uses including marine flooring. Founded by husband and wife team Sandy Chilewich and Joe Sultan, Chilewich continues to reimage woven fabrics from placemats and table settings to flooring.

Sailrite® offers a collection of Chilewich fabric options, including the desirable Chilewich Floor Covering Fabric for boats, RVs, patios and more. This fabric is soft yet rugged thanks to the polyurethane backing and marine vinyl construction. Chilewich floor covering is highly moisture resistant, stain resistant and mildew resistant, so it’s perfect for boat flooring. You can use these stylish Chilewich options for snap-in marine mats or boat carpeting or for a wide variety of fabric crafts where a woven, textured look is desired. Purchase low-cost marine flooring by the yard when you choose Chilewich options at Sailrite. Other flooring is often sold by the square foot, but Chilewich at Sailrite is sold by the running yard. At 72 inches wide, ordering by the yard can lead to some cost savings.

Chilewich’s signature neutral-colored, woven fabrics are especially popular for applications requiring a warm, down-to-earth feel. Choose from Chilewich’s ever-popular Basketweave options if you prefer a larger, more multidimensional weave or opt for the tighter weave of the Chilewich Ikat Tweed if you want subtle texture and a smoother feel. Our customers make patio rugs, placemats, coasters and other home décor accent crafts using top-of-the-line Chilewich fabric. Read our in-depth descriptions of each Chilewich product if you want expert advice on working with this unique fabric.

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