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Engineered by longtime technical fabric maker Glen Raven (the maker of Sunbrella), Firesist® is a full line of high-quality, fire retardant fabrics that are manufactured for exceptional performance in a variety of demanding conditions. Particularly well-suited for commercial awnings, canopies and shades, Firesist fabrics bring enduring, UV resistant performance with the added safety of the brand’s state-of-the-art flame retardant technology. Sailrite® stocks a large collection of Firesist awning fabric sold by the yard, including many bright and neutral colors that will bring your specific vision to life. Firesist is just one of many performance-grade flame retardant material options in our store, but it’s one of the best for outdoor applications and awnings.

This fabric is woven from solution-dyed fibers and is then coated on the underside with urethane for UV resistance, water repellency and easy cleaning. What’s more, Firesist features an added acrylic coating that helps to fortify the durability of the material. Together, this unique construction makes the fabric surprisingly easy to cut, sew and weld. We recommend Firesist for any application requiring excellent color retention, as it’s highly rated for its anti-fading properties. Firesist fabric is also completely recyclable. If you’re ever done with your Firesist fabric, you can simply send it to Glen Raven and they’ll transform it into new, innovative products.

When it comes to commercial awning fabric, Firesist is undeniably one of the best options. Because each fabric exceeds industry standards for commercial awning, canopy and shade markets, it’s consistently implemented in commercial spaces. If you’re making DIY RV awnings or structural awnings for your home or business, Firesist fabric is a great way to ensure that yours is safe and up to code. This fabric is also uniquely designed for easy-cleaning, so it’s an all-around great choice for both residential and commercial spaces. For in-depth information on Firesist’s flame resistance specifications and certifications, click on individual products for sale at Sailrite.

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