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If you’re looking for a high-grade vinyl window material that will excel in marine environments, O’Sea® is a top-notch choice. Recommended by the Sailrite® team for marine windows, marine cabin enclosures, dodgers, awnings, and other marine and automotive applications requiring the best in clarity and durability, O’Sea clear vinyl material is bound to endure in whatever demanding environment it’s installed. This unique pressed vinyl window material is made by O’Sullivan Films, a 116-year-old company producing a variety of multipurpose and specialty vinyl and film products.

Formulated for maximum UV stability, O’Sea material is made from a thermoplastic, clear vinyl that goes through a rigorous manufacturing process to ensure great quality and performance from start to finish. First, it’s coated to create a tough, scratch and chemical resistant barrier, and then it’s pressed. Finally, the vinyl is highly polished to achieve a soft, flexible appearance. Because it’s waterproof and offers crisp, optical clarity, you can use this transparent vinyl material for your dodger and bimini windows without compromising your view. Sailrite.com supplies O’Sea window material in convenient 54-inch by 110-inch rolls.

O’Sea vinyl features a unique coating that’s specifically engineered to provide a scratch-resistant barrier without compromising the hand or flexibility of the sheet, so it offers the perfect compromise for those looking for durability and ease of processing. The coating’s innovative chemistry also gives the O'Sea sheet a high level of resistance to chemicals and stains. This allows the material to easily stand up to staining and damage from suntan lotion, insect repellant and jet fuel vapor. Sailrite also stocks other high-performance window material options, so we always recommend taking a peek at our Window Material Buying Guide before making a selection.

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