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Made by Marlen Textiles — the fabric-maker behind cover fabrics Odyssey®, Top Notch® and Top Gun® — Softouch® is a laminated polyester fabric that’s a top pick for your DIY boat covers, auto covers, grill covers and more. This material is uniquely designed to provide the best protection of your possessions with a delicate underside that sits against gel coat and paint without causing long-term damage and scratching. Sailrite® recommends Softouch for those in search of a weather-resistant polyester cover material with a soft underside. We supply Softouch fabric by the yard in a wide range of match-all color options.

Engineered specifically for those who are worried about damaging the surface of their most valued vehicles and more, Softouch will not scratch the surface due to its non-abrasive, soft backing. It’s laminated with a special, non-woven backer that feels similar to felt to ensure that the most delicate surfaces are protected from damage. The 100% polyester is a marine-grade canvas material that features a weather-protective top side that’s highly abrasion resistant, mildew resistant and water-repellent.

If you’re debating between Odyssey and Softouch, consider this: Softouch is made from the same premium-quality material with the same level of expert protection as Odyssey, but the felt-like underside makes it best suited for antique cars, expensive boats, finished patio furniture, TVs and more. For additional information, read our Marine Cover Fabric Guide and our Outdoor Fabric Selection Guide. These resources from the Sailrite team will help you make the smartest fabric decision for your budget, demands and applications.

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