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As the most widely used flag fabric in the U.S., SolarMax® is a grade-A nylon flag cloth that’s easy to work with for all your banner- and flag-making endeavors. Sailrite® recommends SolarMax for DIY international signal flags, and we supply all the required colors — red, white, blue, black and yellow — to help you get the job done right. This material is perfect for making flags, banners, signs, totes, light bags, windsocks and much more. It’s also a great choice for making your own courtesy flags. You'll see that these fabrics are marked with a number followed by the letter "D". This indicates the denier, which refers to a fabric's thickness or overall strength. The higher the denier, the thicker and more heavy-duty the fabric.

What makes SolarMax so perfect for flag-making is its strong yet lightweight construction that allows it to fly with ease. It’s specially prepared for outdoor use and offers lustrous coloring for high visibility and long-term quality. Although SolarMax flag fabric is relatively strong, it is not suitable for use as covers or sails due to its insufficient stretch and UV resistance. Be sure to browse Sailrite’s collection of heavy-duty sailcloth and cover fabric for such applications. To make your own courtesy and signal flags, we recommend picking up this book co-written by Sailrite Founder Matt Grant.

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