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For all your do-it-yourself insulation needs, pick up Thermozite Thermal-Acoustic Insulation material from Sailrite®. This 100% recycled thermal insulation material is made from lightweight Eco-fi™ polyester fiber, which has been developed from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. You can use Thermozite to insulate floors, doors and side panels. It’s also a popular choice for insulating engine compartments in cars, RVs, trucks and boats as well as headliners, firewalls, machinery enclosures and noisy pipes and valves.

Thermozite is an excellent sound barrier that also provides thermal insulation properties, which makes it highly desirable in any environment where you want to dampen sound and control vibration. This material is easy to cut with scissors or a knife and can be handled without gloves. Because it meets many thermal and noise reduction specifications, you can use Thermozite in commercial environments. To install Thermozite as floor installation, make sure you place it foil-side down.

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