Sailmaker's Leather

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Marine leather, often called sailmaker’s leather, is commonly used to embellish and protect sail corners or anywhere that chafe protection is required. In fact, we recommend this material as a leather chafe guard when installing a corner ring in a sail using webbing (see the video instructions here). Sailrite® offers genuine leather for many marine applications. This is high-quality, 100% real leather that will endure in high-wear areas.

Sailrite offers marine leather in a variety of colors and options, including sleek chrome-tanned styles and warm, textured cowhide. Choose the smooth-finished chrome option for applications where less stretch is desired. Each option comes in a different weight, ranging from 2- to 3-ounce to 4- to 5-ounce, depending on which weight is best for your project. Please note that these are natural, non-synthetic leather fabrics. Because of that, there may be some imperfections or holes in the leather and cut edges will not be true.

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