Finger Clip for Securing Head Rod Awning Hardware
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For installations at the head of stationary or patio awnings and for installation and adjustment of the rafters of patio awnings. Extruded from 6063-T6 aluminum - mill finish.

Designed for use with a 1/2 inch diameter conventional head rod to eliminate the awkward job of threading a rope-filled hem through a slot in the molding. The head rod is merely placed in position and finger clips are tightened to hold the head of the awning under the rainproof lip of the molding. The finger clips ride in a track in the molding and can be adjusted to move laterally right or left.

The advantage of this system is that rafters can be placed precisely, even if the surface is uneven or the mounting supports are not located where the rafters should be, because once the molding is mounted, the rafters can be slid to their proper location.

Recommended rafter spacing is 1 1/2 feet in from each side, and then 3 feet to 4 feet centers depending on projection (the longer the rafters, the less the spacing). Awning rafters are attached to special jaw ends that are mounted in a track in the lower side of the molding. The jaw ends can be moved laterally to adjust the rafter width. This is done by turning or tightening the jaw end, which is fitted with a carriage bolt to ride in the same track as the finger clip.

The molding itself is designed so that a bead of caulking compound can be applied to the top length of the molding to prevent water from leaking behind the molding and down the wall.

Finger clip assembly. Stainless steel carriage bolt, machine screw, hex nut and washers.


Sale Unit: EA
Color: Silver
Hardware Material: Aluminum, Metal
Size: 1/2"


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