Getting Ready for Winter Storage (PDF)

Item # X-HT-200251

Another season of sailing is behind us and it's time to put everything away for winter storage. You can utilize this free, useful list to help you get ready for the changing of the seasons. This PDF download includes all the basics you need to cover to best winterize your boat.

Why do you need to prepare your boat for winter in the first place? Well for starters, preparing your boat for the winter also helps you prepare for other seasons because you can get out on the water sooner come spring. A little preparation goes a long way and your future self will thank you! This end-of-season checklist was written by Sailrite® founder Jim Grant, a native of Northeast Indiana, where seasons can be harsh and it's incredibly necessary to prep your boat for winter. Otherwise, you may find yourself in bad shape.

Nobody enjoys having to undertake tedious repairs, so a little preparation can make a big difference. This PDF covers the basic necessities of preparing your boat for winter storage, such as keeping out mold and mildew, rodent protection strategies and having a keen eye when checking for wear and tear. This especially applies to your sails, battens, boltrope sleeves and grommets. In short, this downloadable document will get you well on your way to a boat that stays in tip-top shape season after and season, so you can get out there and start enjoying the water sooner!

For an even more thorough explanation for how to get your boat ready for colder weather or changing seasons, we've got just the thing! Our informative blog titled "How to Winterize Your Sailboat" (300108XHT) will guide you through an even more in-depth process of ensuring your boat is ready for the changing of the seasons. Thanks for choosing Sailrite on all your boating endeavors and happy sailing!