How to Make Throw Pillows

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Have you always wanted to sew your own pillow? Pillows are fantastic DIY sewing projects because they are relatively easy, require just a few materials and supplies, and can be started and finished in just a couple of hours! Pillows are great beginner sewing projects. So whether you are learning to sew or you want to teach someone else how to sew, sewing your own pillow is a great place to start. In this collection of how-to videos, we teach you how to sew five pillows using different sewing techniques and finishing styles. Join us in this video series and learn how to sew your own beautiful and decorative throw pillow using tools and supplies from Sailrite®!

How to Sew a Standard Throw Pillow

In this first video, we teach you how to make the most basic style of throw pillow. There is no piping added. The corners are not tapered to remove the "dog ear" effect. It is a very simple throw pillow consisting of two squares of fabric sewn together with a pillow form inserted. If you do not like the look of the "dog eared" corners, check out our blog "How to Taper Pillow Corners" (#300219XHT) to learn how to taper pillow corners for a perfectly square pillow.

How to Sew a Throw Pillow With Boxed Corners

Boxed corners add a unique look and decorative accent to your throw pillows. Instead of just a regular-looking pillow, make something different and a little more challenging. Our step-by-step video will demonstrate this technique in easy-to-understand steps. The trick to making a boxed corner pillow is to cut out a square of fabric at each of the four corners of each panel. Watch our video below to see how this is done and to learn how to sew your own boxed corner pillow.

How to Sew a Throw Pillow With Zipper Closure

Sometimes, it's a good idea to install a zipper in your pillow cover so you can remove and wash it. This is especially important if you have messy kids or pets! If you want to learn how to add a zipper to your pillow cover, our video tutorial will show you how it's done.

If you're interested in more how-to videos on pillows with a zipper closure, be sure to check out our other blog "How to Sew a Pillow" (#200621XHT). This is the final blog in a 7-part tutorial series on learning how to sew. Our "Learning to Sew" 7-part series is a comprehensive and in-depth sewing tutorial. We highly recommend it for anyone learning to sew or who needs a quick refresher!

How to Make a Throw Pillow With Fringe

Fringe adds an extra touch of elegance, style and sophistication to your pillow cover. Learn how to sew a throw pillow with fringe in our informative how-to video. We also have a separate blog for this tutorial (#200547XHT). Be sure to check out that blog if you'd like more detail and information about what materials and supplies we used for this pillow tutorial.

How to Make a Throw Pillow With Decorative Piping

Take a throw pillow from plain to pizzazz with decorative piping! Premade, decorative piping is easy to add during pillow construction. This how-to video also has its own blog with more detail about the materials used, why we chose Sunbrella® fabric and decorative piping, and more. Be sure to check out that blog (#200548XHT) if you want more information.