Learning to Sew Part 7: How to Sew a Pillow

Item # X-HT-200621

Welcome to the Learning to Sew Series! We invite you to sew through this 7-part video series with us and learn some basic sewing techniques. Made with the beginner in mind, these videos will walk you through all the fundamentals from how to set up your machine to sewing basic stitches. At the end, we’ll put all the skills together and sew a pillow with a zipper!

Sailrite's Learning to Sew Series Finale

This is the seventh and final lesson in the Learning to Sew Series, and we’re going to culminate this series with a great beginner project. Let's put together all the sewing skills we’ve learned in this series and make a decorative throw pillow with a zippered opening.

Here are a few materials you will need to complete this pillow project:

  • Fabric (we used HGTV Home Chevron Chic Papaya #104730)
  • Pillow Form
  • YKK® #4.5 Continuous Coil Zipper (we used White #104385)
  • YKK® #4.5 Coil Zipper Slider (we used #104336)

In today’s video you will learn how to pattern your fabric and assemble your pillow including a zipper plaque.


You have now completed the Learning to Sew Series! We hope this series has helped you feel more comfortable with your machine, confident in your skills and excited to pick up a new hobby. We have hundreds of other great how-to project tutorials here at Sailrite when you're ready to take on another project!

How did your pillow turn out? What are you going to make next? Do you feel more comfortable with your sewing machine? Share your ideas and experiences in the comments!