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Cutting Mats

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Rotary cutting mats can help you better cut fabrics while simultaneously protecting your work surface from damage and preventing your knife blade from becoming too dull too fast. Sailrite® offers a variety of high-quality sewing mats in several sizes to suit your particular work surface. These mats are a great choice for general sewing hobbyists such as quilters and crafters but are also a very helpful tool for sailmakers and canvasworkers.

Choose one of our soft, self-healing cutting mats by Fiskars® if you’re working with a rotary cutter and blade. These mats come with easy-to-read measuring grids with bias lines on both sides to make precise cutting even easier. We prefer the self-healing style because it ensures that the mat will not become damaged by regular cuts, grooves or nicks on the surface. These mats come in two sizes and feature a light and dark side to make it easier to see and cut fabric of any color.

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