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Ensure that your sewing kit is well-stocked with all the essentials required for projects small and large with these sewing pins and awls from Sailrite®. It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert canvasworker or are dabbling in upholstery work, this selection includes all the staples you need to complete standout projects. Sailrite stocks sewing awls, T-pins, swivel bench hooks and push pins as well as an assortment of handy pincushions to ensure that you always have the pins you need on hand. We also have multipurpose pins that can be used for a wide range of quick, adaptable fastening uses.

If you regularly work with heavy fabrics like canvas and leather, we recommend picking up the Speedy Stitcher® Sewing Awl. This is the ideal tool for anyone who needs added support when a sewing machine is not available or feasible. The Speedy Stitcher performs lockstitches by hand just like a sewing machine. This American-made sewing awl is made with high-quality materials and comes in a convenient kit that includes the awl, a straight needle, a curved needle and other accessories. We also carry a low-cost scratch awl tool that’s a great option to have on hand during any hand-sewing endeavor.

If you need to stock up on pins, Sailrite has an excellent selection to choose from. We offer large-quantity boxes of T-pins, which you can use to hold fabric in place while patterning, cutting and basting. These are a great pin option for those jobs where you need to pin heavy fabrics like canvas or in applications such as pinning slipcovers onto upholstery. We also carry various types of pushpins made from either aluminum or plastic for a wide variety of applications, including pinning your pattern pieces down to a table or another surface while working.

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