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Create a convenient, versatile fastener on just about any project with the help of continuous zipper chain from our overflowing assortment. Continuous chain zippers don’t have a beginning or an end point (they do not come with a starter box or zipper stops) so they’re typically sewn to a project at both ends, such as on a bag, tent or cushion. These zippers don’t come with sliders, but you can purchase them separately from the large collection of zipper sliders and pulls at Sailrite®. We recommend zipper chains for sail covers, canvas enclosures, jib luff sleeves, pillows, bags, cushions, jackets and more.

Our continuous zipper chain comes in a variety of sizes and colors to suit your unique job. We have YKK® #5 and #10 continuous zippers in both Vislon® and Coil styles. You’ll want to choose a #5 continuous zipper for your medium-sized projects, such as larger cushions and bags, because they feature a roughly 5mm-wide size when closed. A #10 continuous zipper is better suited for larger projects like sail packs, boat enclosures and tents due to the slightly larger 10mm-wide teeth. Note that all YKK zippers are sized with a number based on the approximate width of the zipper teeth in millimeters when closed.

Sailrite carries zipper chain in either Vislon or Coil styles by YKK. What’s the difference? Vislon zippers are most commonly used in marine environments because of their durable Delrin plastic teeth that provide them with added strength and weather proofing. However, Coil YKK zippers are stronger and more flexible than Vislon zippers, so they’re a better choice for curved applications, like on an enclosure or window. Both styles come in black and white. If you need additional information on which type of zipper to choose for your particular job, make sure to reference our guide to Choosing the Right Zipper.

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