Nutshell Pram 7'7" Lug Main Sail Kit Tanbark

SKU: 105555



Sew it yourself! Nutshell Pram 7'7" Lug Main Sail Kit Tanbark lets you make your own mainsail. This vertical cut kit is loose footed, made from 4oz tanbark Dacron® using the designer's plans, and features one row of reef points and a laced on yard. Computer plotted with seaming and hem lines plotted right on the cloth, this sail kit can be made on a home sewing machine. All panels and patches are computer cut and ready for basting and sewing. Complete instructions and support from Sailrite means there is no guess work!

Construction requires a #2 Spur Die Set for corner and lacing grommets. All other supplies to build your sail are included; all you need are scissors and a sewing machine!

Each Sail Kit comes with complete written instructions.