How to Sew a Pergola Canopy (PDF)

Item # X-HT-200265

Pergola canopies add much needed shade to your patio area. They allow you to enjoy your backyard without baking in the sun. They also look beautiful and elevate your patio to a stylish and chic outdoor retreat! Sewing your own pergola canopy is easier than you think! We've provided you with a very detailed download with thorough instructions on how to fabricate your own pergola canopy.

To make your pergola canopy or pergola awning, we recommend two fabrics: Sunbrella® Marine Grade and Phifertex®. Sunbrella Marine Grade is a solution-dyed, woven acrylic fabric that's a standard in the marine community. But that doesn't mean it won't work on your patio. It's highly abrasion, water and UV resistant. It will block the sun to keep you well protected so you can enjoy the outdoors for hours. In fact, Sunbrella is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an aid in the prevention of sun-induced skin damage, along with regular use of sunscreen. Sunbrella Marine and Awning fabrics come in a wide variety of solids and stripes in bolds and neutrals so you're sure to find a color that matches or complements your patio décor.

Phifertex Plus and Phifertex Stripes mesh fabrics are another great choice for pergola canopies. They offer an over 90% shade factor and come with a special Microban® antimicrobial protection to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. With Phifertex, the mesh material allows for water drainage. Unlike with Sunbrella, you won't need to add grommets in your canopy panels to allow for water drainage.

Download the instructions below and learn how to sew your own pergola canopy!

We hope you enjoy making your own pergola canopy or pergola awning! If you'd rather have video instructions instead of written instructions, we have another pergola DIY using slide-on wire instead of poles. Check out "How to Make a Slide-On Wire-Hung Canopy" (#200712XHT) to read the blog and watch the video tutorial.