Re-Treating Sur Last® — Which Side Is the Outside?

Item # X-HT-200675

Sur Last® is one of our most popular fabrics. This solution dyed-polyester is great for a variety of cover applications from boat covers to patio furniture covers. It has a urethane coating on one side of the fabric that provides added stability, minimizes shrinking and stretching, and increases water and mildew resistance. The coated side should be the inside of the fabric when used in an application, but sometimes it can be really hard to tell the difference between the coated and uncoated sides. In fact, this is actually one of our most frequently asked questions!

water droplets on Surlast's inside and outside surface for comparison.

We made a quick video to show you an easy, foolproof trick for determining which side is the inside, coated side and which is the outside, uncoated side. Ready for our tip? Sprinkle water on the fabric! The outside of the fabric will cause the water to bead up on the fabric’s surface while the inside will soak in the water more. This trick works on all Sur Last fabrics, no matter the color.

If you have older Sur Last fabric that has been out in the weather for a while you can restore the fabric's water resistance with 303® Fabric Guard. This easy-to-apply spray will make the top of your fabric repel water so it beads up and runs off your cover again. The video will also show you what a great job this product does at restoring water resistance. We recommend treating your Sur Last whenever you notice water soaking into the fabric instead of beading up on the surface. You should also re-treat Sur Last after each time the fabric is washed.

Be sure to watch the video to see all these tips in action!