Sail Pack Kit - Standard Sunbrella Color (13' Boom)
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Sew it yourself! Sail Pack Kit for 13’ Boom lets you make your own sail pack mainsail cover. A sail pack mainsail cover (also known as a Stack Pack®, Lazy pack, or Mack Pack®) is a popular adaptation of a standard mainsail cover that is used in conjunction with lazy jacks to make dousing and covering a mainsail quick and easy. Simply drop the sail and zip the cover panels shut. The two halves of the cover attach below the foot with webbing straps and Twist-Lock fasteners.

This sail pack mainsail cover is integrated with a lazy jack system (not included) to support the top of the sail pack and guide the sail neatly into place inside the cover. The sail pack is also designed with sleeves for schedule 40 PVC 3/4” pipe to keep the cover open when the sail is lowered, a zippered closure across the top, and a removable forward mast boot. Sail pack attaches below the sail’s foot with webbing straps and fasteners.

The sail pack system works best with mainsails that have slugs or slides on the luff, but also accommodates a boltrope that runs up the slot in the mast. Sails with full-length battens encourage proper flaking and work well with this system, but it also works with sails that have standard battens.

Each Sail Pack Kit comes with the sail cover instruction booklet that contains step-by-step written instructions. Approximate construction time is 5 hours.

To determine which sail pack kit is right for your boat, measure the length of the boom (dimension “E”) for the mast to its end (not including mast width). Choose the kit with a length equal to or greater than the length of your boom.


  • 60″ Sunbrella Marine Grade Fabric - Select color from drop down menu
  • Dacron 5oz. Tape White 6″
  • Seamstick 3/8″ Basting Tape for Canvas
  • 4 oz. V-92 White UV Polyester Thread
  • YKK® Zipper #10 VISLON® Continuous White
  • YKK® Zipper #10 VISLON® Stainless Steel Top Stops
  • YKK® Slider #10 VISLON® White Plastic Single Non-Locking Pull
  • #10 Finished Zipper 48″ White Plastic Single Locking Pull
  • White Polyester 2″ Webbing
  • Twist-Lock Fastener Eyelets
  • Twist-Lock Washers
  • Twist-Lock Fastener 2 Screw Studs
  • Snap Fastener Button Silver 11/64" Barrel (Nickel Plated)
  • D-Rings Without Bar #0 - 1″
  • White Polyester 1″ Webbing
  • White 58" Dacron Sailcloth 4 oz.
  • Snap Fastener Installation Tool
  • Sailrite Adhesive Backed Logos
  • Sail Cover Instruction Booklet

Also Required (Sold Separately):

  • Lazy Jack system
  • Schedule 40 PVC 3/4" pipe
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Hotknife or wood burning tool
  • Razor blade or X-Acto knife

Loose Footed Mainsail Required Add-ons (Sold Separately):

  • Webbing Nylon ½” – Item 22301 (3 feet)
  • Slugs to accommodate your boom slot (8 each)

Please note: This item is non-returnable.


Sale Unit: EA
Maximum Boom Length: 13 feet
Maximum Sail Stack Height at the Mast: 45 inches
Maximum Height at Clew: 12 inches


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How to Make a Sail Pack Kit

How to Make a Sail Pack Locking Strap for Loose Footed Mainsails


Overall Rating : 4.13 8 Reviews

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Melanie Riley
Verified Purchase

We’ve received the item and everything that was expected is here, but we haven’t put it together as of yet.

Isaac Vizenor
Verified Purchase


Great product. Reasonable shipping time. Excellent instructions, but the YouTube video is even better.

Ruth Reeve
Verified Purchase

I haven’t made this yet, but the instructions look pretty easy to follow.

Ralph Kellenberger
Verified Purchase

nice kit, not yet done as it's a Spring project

Bill Crosby
Verified Purchase

Received but not opened yet.

Product shipped and received on time. No time yet to work on it but will follow up later on? Sailrite videos and instructions are top drawer.

Marie Raney

Easy and Clear

I have made four of these recently and starting on my fifth for a friend. The instructions are clear and easy to follow and the kit of parts is ample for the project. I think the 5 hour work estimate is unrealistic for those of us without professional spaces to work in. I do all my sewing on the boat and layout /cutting of large projects like this I do on the dock. Even without these limitations I think most people using this kit would need twice that number of hours. I would recommend a couple of easy changes that I make to create a more robust cover for larger boats. One is adding D rings on webbing loops along the top edge for connecting the lazy jacks. Securing the lazy jacks to a D ring makes it easier to secure the lines and should last longer. Also, adding buckles instead of twist ties makes it easier to cinch up the bottom of the stack pack.

Craig Bjarnason
Verified Purchase

Would be nice if the thread matched the colour of sunbrella chosen

Janice Armstrong
Verified Purchase

This product hasn’t arrived yet despite having ordered it weeks ago.

Sailrite Response

We continue to work through various supply chain issues. The Sunbrella fabric for your kit, as well as the Twist-Locks #777030, are currently on backorder. The best way to determine the items that are holding up your kit is to contact our team via email at

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