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Ready to embark on the world of sailmaking and canvaswork? You’re in good hands with Sailrite®. We’ve got everything you need to make DIY sails, boat awnings, sail bags, biminis, dodgers, flags and sail covers the professional way. Sailrite is a second-generation family business that started as a resource and supplier for amateur sailmakers, so we’re well equipped to help you with all your sailmaking supplies, whether you’re an old salt or a newbie. We can help you make the right DIY sail using one of our affordable sailmaking kits or can assist you with a custom-made sail if you don’t see a kit that suits your boat.

All Sailrite Sail Kits are plotted and designed in Sailrite’s Indiana headquarters and come complete with all the materials you’ll need to make your own sail at home, including step-by-step instructions, sailcloth, thread, basting tape, grommets and other essential hardware. One-click order from our selection of popular sail kits for standard sails on a variety of boats from common home-built to standard production models. We have easy-to-assemble sail kits for Optimist, Sunfish, Laser, O’Day, Catalina and many more of the sailing world’s notable boat builders. Sail kits include jibs, mainsails, spinnakers, lug sails, anchor riding sails and more for everything from small-scale dinghies to yachts. With just a sewing machine and a few tools, you can sew your own sail that you’ll hoist with pride.

Since we opened in 1969 as a source for sailmaking, we’ve grown to provide a large selection of materials and instructions for a wide range of marine sewing projects. We also offer complete kits for DIY boat awnings, biminis and dodgers at Sailrite. This is a relatively affordable (and fun) way to refresh or restore your boat. You can sew your very own nautical flags for traditional communication or sew up your own DIY sail bag kit that comes with everything you need to make a large bag to store sails and personal cargo. Each sail and canvas kit from comes with in-depth instructions for sailmakers and canvasworkers of all levels. Some kits also include a full DVD in addition to written instructions to ensure that your project is a success.

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Glen L 15 Main Sail Kit
San Juan 21 Genoa Sail Kit
San Juan 21 Jib Sail Kit
San Juan 21 Main Sail Kit
AMF Puffer Main Sail Kit
O'Day Ospray Jib Sail Kit
O'Day Ospray Main Sail Kit
Spindrift 12 S Jib Sail Kit
Spindrift 12 Main Sail Kit
Super Sunfish Main Sail Kit
Stur-Dee Cat Main Sail Kit
Argie 15 Jib Sail Kit
Argie 15 Main Sail Kit
Sea Hen Sprit Sail Kit
Skerry Lug Sail Kit
Glen L 12 Jib Sail Kit
Glen L 12 Mainsail Kit
Ranger Minto Main Sail Kit
O'Day Widgeon Main Sail Kit
O'Day Widgeon Jib Sail Kit
Glen L Minuet Jib Sail Kit
Glen L 13 Main Sail Kit
Glen L 14 Jib Sail Kit
Acorn Dinghy Sprit Sail Kit