Sailrite® Fabricator® Sewing Machine Assembly

Item # X-HT-300184

Work alongside us to set up your Fabricator Sewing Machine by watching this helpful assembly guide. A great companion piece to your Fabricator Guidebook, this video will walk you step-by-step through setting up your machine, from unpacking the components to assembling the table and setting up the motor.

This half-hour-long video covers the initial setup of the Fabricator Sewing Machine. After everything is built, learn how to thread the machine, wind a bobbin and set the tension in our Fabricator Sewing Machine Quick Start Guide.

Video Chapters:

  • Unpacking
  • Power Stand Assembly
  • Installing the Drawer
  • Installing Rubber Foot Pads
  • Installing the Treadle
  • installing Workhorse™ Servo Motor
  • Installing the Linkage Bar
  • Adjusting Height of Table
  • Oil Pan and Machine Installation
  • Securing the Stitch PRO Balance Wheel
  • Belt Adjustment for the Workhorse Servo Motor
  • Attaching the Balance Wheel Belt Cover
  • Attaching the Bobbin Winder
  • Mounting the LED Light
  • Mounting the Thread Stand
  • Installing the Knee Lift Assembly
  • Installing the Motor Pulley Cover
  • Filling Oil Reservoir
  • Checking the Machine for Operation
  • Reducing Table Wobble