Sailrite® Fabricator® Sewing Machine Quick Start Guide

Item # X-HT-300185

After assembling your Fabricator Sewing Machine, you’ll be ready to get started sewing! This quick video is a great companion to the Fabricator Guidebook and goes over basic setup of your sewing machine. Follow along to learn how to thread the machine, wind a bobbin and load it in the machine, adjust the tension and set the stitch length.

If you haven't yet assembled the machine in the table, watch our Fabricator Sewing Machine Assembly video for step-by-step instructions for connecting all the machine components, from unboxing to setting up the motor.

Video Chapters:

  • Threading Sewing Machine — 0:35 min.
  • Winding Bobbin — 2:05 min.
  • Removing & Installing Bobbin Case — 5:50 min.
  • Lifting & Lowering Presser Foot — 7:47 min.
  • Setting Proper Tension — 9:14 min.
  • Setting Stitch Length — 11:37 min.