Sailrite® Genoa Sleeve Kit 15' - 28' Silver Gray

SKU: 121726



Make your own Genoa sleeve to protect your Genoa sail with this all-inclusive kit from Sailrite®! The Genoa sleeve protects your furled sail from damaging pollution and harmful UV rays while allowing the sailor to get the maximum performance from the sail since the traditional UV sacrificial cover typically sewn on the leech and foot is not required with this kit.

There is no need to add extra lashings because the Sailrite Genoa Sleeve Kit comes with an ingenious lacing system that almost completely eliminates sleeve flogging in strong winds. A flogging Genoa sleeve quickly deteriorates and falls apart, typically in less than a year, leaving your sail exposed to the elements and costing you time and expense to replace it year after year. That is no longer the case with our Genoa Sleeve Kit made from durable and strong Top Notch® 9 fabric.

The Genoa Sleeve Kit comes with streaming video instructions only. There are no written instructions included with this kit.


Luff Length: 15-28 feet

Max Circumference of Furled Sail: 27 inches

Note: If the circumference of your sail’s luff is more than 27 inches, then please call in for a custom order.