Sailrite® Professional 4-Point Sewing Machine, Table & Workhorse® Servo Motor (110V)

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The Sailrite® Professional Sewing Machine is a versatile, full-size industrial walking foot sewing machine ideal for sewing through heavy materials and thick assemblies. The Professional is ready to tackle all your sail repair and sailmaking projects. Built with high-quality parts, the Professional offers smooth sewing and excellent longevity. Plus, you can expect easy handling, powerful feeding and great stitch consistency. This machine has the standard 10-3/4-inch arm and is a great choice for sailmakers and small sail lofts, as well as DIYers with sailboats up to 45 feet who need an industrial, hardworking machine.

The Professional Sewing Machine sews a 4-point zigzag stitch — a standard in modern sailmaking. A 4-point zigzag stitch is stronger and less likely to snag than a traditional 2-point zigzag. A great time-saver, the 4-point stitch is also extra wide (up to 10mm), which allows you to sew fewer rows of stitching without losing strength. A 2-point cam is also included and can be easily switched out for sewing in a traditional 2-point zigzag. The Professional also sews in a straight stitch.

The Professional Sewing Machine comes complete with an industrial sewing table. This sturdy table stand includes legs with adjustable height and a spacious sewing surface.

Sailrite-Exclusive Power System

Powering the Professional is Sailrite’s Workhorse® Servo Motor. This 550 watt, 3/4 horsepower motor provides fluid motor-to-machine power transfer with high torque, even from a complete stop. The Workhorse is a quiet and durable motor with fully adjustable speed settings, which allow you to set the top stitching speed while maintaining variable speed control. The motor works in conjunction with a cogged timing belt and our oversize Stitch PRO Balance Wheel. This unique arrangement is exclusive to Sailrite sewing machines and allows for maximum power with slow-speed control.

Another Sailrite-exclusive feature is the use of our patented Posi-Pin® Clutching System (Patent #7438009). Use of the Posi-Pin provides 100 percent power transfer from the balance wheel to the needle and it also acts as a modern approach to a safety clutch. The Posi-Pin features a shear point; if the machine jams, the Posi-Pin will break and sever the motor’s connection to prevent damage to the machine’s internal components and rotary hook.

Unmatched Customer Support

Every Professional Sewing Machine is adjusted and tuned by Sailrite’s trained sewing machine technicians at our Indiana workshop. Each machine comes with in-depth instructions outlining setup, use and troubleshooting. Additionally, you’ll also receive personalized technical support from Sailrite’s sewing machine technicians.

Our Support Guarantee

At Sailrite, we are committed to helping you get the most out of your Professional Sewing Machine. That’s why we are proud to offer you personalized support for the lifetime of your machine. We’ll be here to help you service your machine with in-depth videos, one-on-one support and Sailrite’s two-year limited warranty. Should you need them, we have replacement parts in stock and ready to ship out to you and, if all else fails, you can always send your machine back to us for repairs.

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Hybrid Professional


First, I need to qualify this review with a couple of disclaimers. I originally bought this machine as a head only unit from Sailrite. I installed it in a table I already had and added the workhorse servo motor and a custom balance wheel with a power link adjustable belt instead of the cogged belt. The balance wheel is almost the same size as the Sailrite wheel, just slightly larger and made of turned billet aluminum. I don't see why my experience with the Professional machine would be significantly different from the stock setup except for the extra efficiency of the Sailrite cogged belt. Now for the review. I have been using the Professional for a couple of years now and it has performed flawlessly. I started out making a set of boat cushions from sunbrella as my first project. The machine sounds and works like a precision piece of well engineered and manufactured equipment. It sews sunbrella like a dream. My next project was repairing the webbing in the ratchet handle tie down straps used on our boat during typhoons. This was 3 inch wide nylon webbing, rated at 4000kg breaking strength. I sewed both straight and zigzag stitches in multiple layers of this stuff with 138 thread. The Professional never complained and never dropped a stitch. The Workhorse servo motor plowed through whatever i threw at it. I then went on a wild arc in sewing projects and made a baby quilt for my newborn grandson. I just dialed everything down, foot pressure, thread tension, needle size and thread size. The Professional's walking foot pulled the sandwich of bottom fabric, batten and top fabric through evenly and without puckers. I have went through our entire suit of sails and repaired every problem and potential problem I could find. It is soooo nice to have a machine that can go from straight stitch and back to zigzag, which is often needed in sail repairs. OK there has to be some negative points, you say... well there are a couple. They are not flaws in the machine itself, but since it does zigzag, the foot and feed dogs are really wide and it is sometimes hard to get close to the edge of your project or next to an obstacle. This leads to the next quibble, there are not many foot options for this machine. Sailrite has a zipper foot option, but that is about all you will find anywhere for this machine. Bottom Line; If you can only have one machine, this is the one you need. The Professional will do everything you need to do in a non portable industrial sewing machine world