Sailrite® Ultrafeed® Industrial Sewing Table With Workhorse® Servo Motor & Speed Reducer (110V)

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Create a fixed sewing station for your Ultrafeed® Sewing Machine with this Industrial Sewing Table and Workhorse® Servo Motor package. Give your Ultrafeed all the benefits of a modern servo motor, including slow speed power and quiet sewing, with this non-portable setup.

The Workhorse Servo Motor is a 550 watt, 3/4 horsepower motor designed for continuous use on industrial sewing machines. A brushless, energy-saving motor with a 12-coil design, the Workhorse provides high torque even from a complete stop. Fully adjustable speed settings let you control the top stitching speed. Set the maximum sewing range between 123-616 stitches per minute while never losing the ability to sew stitch by stitch. The Speed Reduction Pulley slows the motor down even more to give you incredible power and control when sewing at extremely slow speeds. The Workhorse motor paired with the Speed Reducer give you the ultimate in slow, stitch-by-stitch power for the most precise and controlled sewing.

The industrial sewing table with a custom tabletop is made from sturdy plywood with a melamine laminate surface. The tabletop is predrilled for easy assembly and the bottom is scored to make motor assembly and installation very easy. Included in this package is a threaded insert that lets you easily install your existing Integrated Thread Stand (not included in table package) directly into the tabletop. The tabletop surface measures 47-1/2 inches wide x 20 inches deep with a 14-3/4-inch x 7-1/8-inch cutout for the sewing machine.

The tabletop sits on our sturdy, metal K-Leg Table Frame with K-Leg Foot Treadle. Raise or lower the height of these legs from 28 to 34 inches for the most comfortable sewing position. An included oil tray helps to prevent oil drips. The legs measure 16-5/8 inches from front to back and the frame width is 38 inches.

To accommodate the Ultrafeed with a servo motor setup, you’ll need to remove the standard Ultrafeed motor. You must use the Power Plus® Balance Wheel with the Workhorse Servo Motor. The motor is not designed for use with heavyweight balance wheels like the Monster® II Balance Wheel. The use of this wheel could damage the motor and void the warranty. Additionally, due to the power the Workhorse Motor provides, do not set the sewing speed setting above 25.

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Do not do another project without this.


I wanted more slow speed power and control and... WOWOW!!!! there is nothing more impressive than this. The Ultrafeed alone is amazing, now with the table and servo it really is the best machine I think I will ever use in my life. Of course the fact that I can reach out to Sailrite with any problem helps to support my claim. Amazing Sailrite, just amazing.

Best Machine Out!!

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First of all I love this sewing machine! I have several machines in my work room and I do a lot of window treatments especially pinched pleated draperies. This machine is awesome!! It is so quiet!! Very sturdy so easy to sew on. It was the best choice I made. I am thinking about getting the industrial machine next! Zach was so very helpful to me! Thank you for answering all my questions! Get yours today, you will not be sorry!!!

Great Upgrade if Looking for Better Low Speed Control!

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Great set up. I am a canvas sewing beginner with the LSZ-1 and I struggled with the low speed, as the standard motor wants to run and is difficult to control at low speeds. The Workhorse servo motor took care of that problem. Nice smooth low speed control. I like the top speed digital adjustment that prevents a heavy foot from ruining run by placing a limit. As a suggestion, it may be a good idea to offer a bigger pulley at the motor to allow for even better low speed control, as that is the reason most people would want to upgrade to the Workhorse. Overall, great upgrade!

Table and servo motor

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This table and motor is the BEST thing EVER!!!! To be able to go so slowly, stitch by stitch with my Sailrite LSZ-1 is a miracle! The motor runs like it is going through melted butter. Plus to me it is quieter. This is one birthday gift I will be enjoying for years. I am not tall so left the table height as it was sent. Perfect! I used the video on line here to put it all together which made it super simple.

Best thing to happen to Ultrafeed!

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Oh. My. God. This is the best thing to happen to the Ultrafeed! I used to have my Ultrafeed in the first table they offered using the motor on the back of the machine with the plastic foot pedal. This is just about a 10 fold difference. The ability to sew very slowly and the fact that when you let off the treadle it stops instantly. I've been waiting for something like this for so long. Thank You Sailrite!! Sew Sweet, Props to you.

Crawl like a caterpillar

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I just finished my upgrade on my LSZ-1 with the new workhorse servo motor. I'm super happy. I really needed that slow speed control which is not possible on the bone stock machine, (I had to do a lot of hand cranking, but no more) Zach at Sailrite suggested that we try this upgrade. If you want a machine with zig/zag stitch capability, then get the LSZ-1, WITH the industrial sewing table and the workhorse servo motor. Don't cheap out, spend the extra $400 and it will save you tons of frustration on the speed control. I have had my original machine now for 2 years, and have loved it, but now its like I have a whole new killer machine. Keep up the great ideas Sailrite.

Excellent System / 70's Style Construction

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Ok, so there should be two reviews, one for putting the table together...2 stars, and one for the functionality of the table/motor...10 stars on a five point scale. Not sure why there wasn't a standardized screw/fastener used throughout the build process. I have put furniture together for 35 years and putting this table together was reminiscent of a 70's erector set with many different size fasteners and types of fasteners (flat/phillips screws, bolts, nails, allen bolts) I had to break out my grinder to make parts fit, measure and mark holes for driling which could have been pre-drilled. This will use a lot of the tools in your tool box. Also had to research an error code when I turned on my servo motor (codes are in the back of the motor users manual). Definitely not a plug and play system. The written directions were horrible, but like everything at Sailrite, they have a video that walks you step by step through the process. I used my pad and paused it between the build stages. The video is a must!
Once you suffer through the build process you realize that the saying "No pain, no gain" is 100% true.
This table/motor are well worth the build hassle. I enjoyed my LSZ-1 before but now it practically sews by itself. The slow speed and power are exceptional. I do a lot of ballistic nylon and binding projects. This powers through them like a hot knife through butter. Speeds up my sew time by over half. If you do eisenglass or boat projects, this is a must have. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to go to the next level on their sewing journey. Now I find myself looking for new projects. The servo motor gives complete control. When it is at full speed (pedal fully depressed/lvl25) if you take your foot off the pedal it stops immediately. At the start of pedal pushdown the slow speed can easily be moved in quarter needle increments. Complete speed control with just the pedal. Truly a joy to sew with.
Hope the first part of this review doesn't scare you off because if you can get through that you will really enjoy the hassle free use of the servo motor and sturdy table.
Best of luck!

A superb piece of equipment.

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This is a superb piece of equipment. The table is solid, and although it take a bit of time to assemble, the instructions, and especially the video, are very clear and everything fits together well. In my sewing room I have a regular dining room table as an outfeed table, and paired together, this provides a fabulous work surface. The Workhorse motor connected to my LSZ-1 Is terrific. I really like the ability to sew ultra slowly, if needed, and yet also go at high speed when things are straightforward. For example, it's pretty cool to be able to bury the needle for a change in direction without having to take your hands off the work -- the motor control is that precise. I'm really happy with this upgrade to my LSZ-1. It's time to start a new project!

A Terrific Upgrade for your LSZ-1 or LS-1

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This is a terrific upgrade and worth every penny. The speed control is wonderful as previous reviewers have stated. Everything went together easily, just following the video instructions. I would still like to take my LSZ-1 to the marina on occasion, so the only unknown for me is to see how cumbersome it will be to reinstall the original motor and belts. It would be helpful to have a video to guide us through the process of making the LSZ-1 portable again. But overall, this is a wonderful upgrade, and I highly recommend it - even for the casual canvas worker, like me.
As a side note, I'm 5'11" tall, and I found a table height of 31" to be about right for me. And I also found it to be much more comfortable with the treadle mounted to the rear of the k-legs - and not in the front as suggested in the instructions, although this is certainly personal preference.

Second to none Customer Support - I love this table too.

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Five Stars from me! I have been using the LSZ-1 industrial table and workhouse servo motor for a week now and love it. I expected a tricky assembly/build since I have read the reviews. I set up in my living room for the assembly and had no help from a second person. I admit it was tricky. Having a second person would be a big help. The included instructions has photos that really needed a magnifying glass and I am not kidding. I might have been able to assemble this table from the instructions but I was forced to go to Youtube where I had seen the assembly video from sailrite. That video was great! I will admit I dropped my motor while trying to bolt it to the underside of the table. ( hang on to that motor well). I tried to catch it while it was falling and it hit the brace of the table causing damage. With my head hung low I made the call to Sailrite. I admitted this was my fault. When I got the replacement part I found they replaced it at no charge! Sailrite Rocks! There it is. Awesome customer support!!! Thank you so much!
It's all together now and I love it. This table completes the LSZ-1 machine. I have only worked on small scraps and tests so far but I know it's capabilities and I am off to make an enclosure for my 23 foot sailboat. What made me love this workhorse motor is that the top speed is regulated as well. I set the servo motor at 5 on a scale up to 25 and (at this setting) it allows me to sew at speeds 2,3,4 and 5 .-This means ultra slow speed to a top speed of faster-kinda-slow at a fully depressed peddle. There is no risk of over pressing the foot peddle and getting "outta-control" speed. Motor speed of 15 seems pretty normal giving more regular speeds and you can set the servo motor to 25 for a higher range of speeds too. The slow speed is very easy to sustain and is consistent and not jerky. I could just tap the foot peddle and get as much as 10 taps per single stitch. Total control. This table will make me sew better! Thanks to everyone's reviews as well. That played a big part in my selecting this table. Good luck with yours....

Price needs to be lower.

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Price is a bit high, But it works great (the Motor). I like the fact that you can go very slow, love it.