Stitch Master Sewing Machine

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We’ve teamed up with the experts at Tandy® Leather and created one incredible leather sewing machine: the Craftool® Pro Stitch Master® Sewing Machine by Sailrite®. This machine is based off of our world-renowned, portable, powerful sewing machine, the Sailrite® Ultrafeed®. Together with Tandy, we’ve taken our proprietary technology and expertise and created a sewing machine perfect for the professional or novice leatherworker. This is a no-nonsense, reasonably priced machine with incredible power and speed control in a compact stationary setup. The Stitch Master is perfect for leatherworkers wanting to sew soft to medium leather up to 16 ounces while also maintaining the ability to sew canvas, denim, upholstery and more!

Leather crafters demand precision and accuracy in their sewing and stitch work. The ability to go at a slow, controlled pace is so important to the quality and beauty of leatherwork. That's why we created a machine that delivers optimal slow speed power and control. Our Workhorse® Servo Motor, Power Plus® Flywheel, cogged belts and built-in speed reducer all work together to slow down the machine so you can sew stitch by stitch without losing power.

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