Tom Cat,william Garden' 130sqft Gaff Sail Sail Data

# X-SD-9013

Sailboat Description

700 lbs. 12' 4" x 6' with centerboard Rake: 3/9" /' Head: 8' 9" Leach: 18' 6" Luff: 9' 9" Diagonal: end of boom to between Head and Luff 14' 4": CE 120 degrees Diagonal: top of Head to bottom of Luff 18' 2" Fit the sail with a single Reef and three reefpoints plus a clew and a tack cringle Cloth: 3.5 ounce Dacron (option-Cream colored Egyptian cotton- I am dreaming) Grommets:good size to fit 1/8 synthetic braid that is laced to gaff, mast and boom. outhaul is three part of the same stuff. Option for Beetle-type hoops plus sail track on the gaff mast and boom. With small Gaff sails: Absolute minimum number of layers in tabling buildup and lightest acceptable sailcloth.

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Boat Specifications

Length12 ft
Builder/DesignerWilliam Garden
Source of DataScaled from Printed Plan

Rig Dimensions


Sail Data

Gaff Main

CommentsAdjust only the length of the Head, Luff and the Leach to obtain 130 sq ft of sail. Tack to Peak: 18.2ft. Tack angle from foot to luff 84 degrees.

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