Ultrafeed® Bracket & Adapter Kit
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If you already own a Flex20 LED Light, this kit will allow you to plug your Flex20 LED light right into the wiring harness of your Ultrafeed® Sewing Machine. You no longer need an extension cord to connect your light to a nearby outlet. This kit works for the 110V Ultrafeed machines and contains a bracket with mounting hardware and an adapter with an integrated outlet. If you already own a 220V system, we recommend replacing your old light with our dual voltage Flex20 LED Light package (#121917).

Please Note: This kit does not include a Flex20 LED light. This kit is for Ultrafeed owners who already own a Flex20 light. If you have an older Flex20 LED Light with a longer cord, you will have to bundle the cord when using this kit.

The bracket mounts to the back of the machine and holds the adapter. The adapter is a connector that allows you to plug the Flex20 light into the wiring harness. See the video below for instructions on how to install and use this kit.

The adapter’s location at the back of the machine allows for more convenient and easier operation of the Monster® II Balance Wheel. Your hand will no longer hit the cord as you hand crank. Additionally, because of the new plug location, you no longer need to unplug the foot control before storing the machine. Simply wrap the cord around the machine and put the cover on.

Note: This kit will only work with Ultrafeed Sewing Machines that have a motor mounted to #102712 - Custom Motor Bracket for Ultrafeeds. Watch the video below to verify this kit will work with your machine.


  • Dual Voltage 110-240V


Machine Series: Ultrafeed LS-1, Ultrafeed LSZ-1
Brand: Sailrite


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The Ultrafeed® Flex20 Light, Bracket and Adapter Kit allows you to plug in the Flex20 LED light directly into the bracket in the back of your sewing machine. It can even be added to older models of the Ultrafeed! You no longer have to run a cord all the way to a wall outlet to take advantage of the handy Flex20 light. Our short video will explain the benefits of this product and how to install it properly.


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Gary Schnase
Verified Purchase

Perfect fit. Eliminates running a separate cord for the flex-lite.

Scott Gerstenberg
Verified Purchase

Great addition if you have a light

I purchased the light before this was available and always hated having to get 2 power sources. Now I can get the cords all tucked in place and leave my light on my machine.

Verified Purchase

I recomend this adapter kit.

I found this product to be as advertised. I am very satisfied.

Paul Arden
Verified Purchase

Instructions needed

No instructions were included. Had to go the web site to see how to install. That was ok however something in the packaging should of indicated a link to the instructions.

Sailrite Response

Sailrite has included a note within the description referring customers to the video for installation and use instructions. 

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