Ultrafeed® Flex20 Light, Bracket & Adapter Kit

SKU: 121917
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This kit works for both 110V and 220V Ultrafeed® Sewing Machines and contains the Flex20 LED Light, a bracket with mounting hardware and an adapter with an integrated outlet.

The bracket mounts to the back of the machine and holds the adapter. The adapter is a connector that allows you to plug the Flex20 light right into the wiring harness of your machine. You no longer need an extension cord to connect your light to a nearby outlet.

The adapter’s location at the back of the machine allows for more convenient and easier operation of the Monster® II Balance Wheel. Your hand will no longer hit the cord as you hand crank. Additionally, because of the new plug location, you no longer need to unplug the foot control before storing the machine. Simply wrap the cord around the machine and put the cover on.

Notes: This kit will only work with Ultrafeed Sewing Machines that have a motor mounted to #102712 - Custom Motor Bracket for Ultrafeeds. Watch the video below to verify this kit will work with your machine.

Customers who have the WorkerB Power Pack don't require the bracket and adapter. We recommend ordering #121922 - Flex20 LED Light with Extension Cord.