Tex 70 (V-69) White Bonded Nylon Thread 4 oz. (1,500 yds.)
Tex 70 (V-69) White Bonded Nylon Thread 4 oz. (1,500 yds.)

Tex 70 (V-69) White Bonded Nylon Thread 4 oz. (1,500 yds.)

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This is a twisted, bonded multifilament Nylon 66 sewing thread from Fil-Tec. Bonded Nylon 66 thread is durable, making it ideal for sewing a wide variety of indoor applications. 

What sets bonded Nylon 66 thread apart from standard bonded nylon thread? Nylon 66 thread has an additional coating that:

  • Increases break resistance for excellent seam strength.
  • Reduces friction for smoother stitches and better sewability.
  • Increases bond quality between plies for reduced fraying.
  • Makes thread diameter more consistent.
  • Increases abrasion resistance.
  • Increases heat tolerance for production-level sewing.

Use this nylon thread for items that need some seam elasticity, including upholstery, luggage and bags, shoes, and more. For extra strength or a larger thread look, use a thread with a larger diameter. Use this Tex 70 thread with a #16 or #18 needle. 

Because of its superior properties, Nylon 66 is also an excellent choice for sewing leather. This thread’s reduced friction allows it to pass smoothly through thick, tough or dry leather without snagging or bunching. Its neat stitching capabilities and even diameter create professional-looking seams — an important design feature on many leather items. Finally, its increased abrasion resistance means that the seams on wallets, shoes and other items that often rub against another surface will last for the long haul. Use bonded Nylon 66 thread for hand sewing or machine sewing a large selection of heavy-duty and/or high-use leather goods.

Please Note: This nylon thread has no UV inhibitors and is recommended for indoor applications only. Not recommended for use on outdoor cushion covers, sporting equipment or other items that will be consistently used outdoors. If you are looking for a nylon upholstery thread with some UV resistance, shop our line of UV Bonded Nylon Thread from Anefil.

Thread on a cone should pull up off the top of the cone for a smoother feed to the sewing machine and to add an extra twist in the thread. The extra twist increases thread strength, helps keep the thread from unlaying and eases tension problems.


  • Good abrasion and break resistance for high-strength seams.
  • High bond quality and consistent thread diameter produce neat seams.
  • Low friction for excellent sewability, even through tough or thick materials.
  • Recommended for indoor projects and leather goods.