Exploratory Guide to Proper Foot Height & Horizontal Range of Motion

SKU: X-SC-159



These videos cover adjusting the walking foot up & down / fore & aft on the Sailrite sewing machine. The first video covers adjustment to the Up & Down movement of the walking foot. The second video covers Fore & Aft movement. If the issue is with the Fore & Aft movement alone, it is still recommended to watch the first video which provides important information prior to making any adjustments.

Below are the relevant schematic pages for this sewing machine solution. Please use them as a reference while making adjustments on the machine.

View Group 2 Schematics
View Group 5 Schematics

Note: This video is not searchable on the Sailrite website. The URL link (web address) is usually given out via a Sailrite Support Case. To access this video again in the future you must use this same URL link.