Zigzag Drive Assembly Shuttle for Ultrafeed® LSZ-1
SKU: W002Z
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Zigzag Drive Assembly Shuttle for Sailrite® Ultrafeed® LSZ-1 Sewing Machine.


Sale Unit: EA
Machine Series: Ultrafeed LSZ-1


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robert echavarria
Verified Purchase

fast shipping, parts fit perfect.

Robert Hieronymus
Verified Purchase

Zig zag drive assembly works great. Figuring out where to drill the 1/8 inch hole for the keeper pin was what was tricky.

Verified Purchase

fit my machine and the staff were helpful with installation

John Middleton
Verified Purchase

Part needed for a clone.

Only needed one part but it works perfect.

Wayne Hill

Installation of Zig-Zag drive assembly and total refurbishment of machine timing

The zig-zag drive assembly clamp which connects to the piston that controls the width distance of my machine broke on the small elboe piece simply because of too much load after a good year of use. Snapped like a twig. Part worked great and is stronger than the old one. After a few hours of looking for the part online, I stumbled across it on Sailrite's website. Note that this part works for the Barracuda Reliable 2000u as well. Once I got my part I received NO ADDITIONAL PINS, SCREWS OR NECESARY SWIVEL PINS. If any of my screws were stripped or if my pins were bent it would have been very bad. Understandably this part is probably not often shipped to "fix it yourself" customers. But the lack of pins and screws amd pins could have been disastrous and led to an additional week of being out of commission. Make sure to inform a sales associate you need those pins and acrews. Now for the installation of 14 hours. Installing the new elboe clamp, and setting it to the right position was very easy. Fixing the timing and getting the correct left/ right position was very simple and easy as well. What ensued the following 12 hours was immensely difficult and tech support could not have been less helpful. I appreciate the timing video, and being given an installation video for the zig zag drive assembly was helpful as well, despite having it installed properly before being given the video by Matt. My issue had to do with nearly every aspect of tuning and timing the machine required. Adjusting the drive pistons for the feed dogs, pressure foot timing, control levers for the pressure foot, and ensuring all of the drives and pistons were repositioned and correctly timed. After installing the new zig-zag drive assembly there was a bad knocking noise on the machine, which required the A024 part to be properly adjusted before finalization Overall, I don't have the vocabulary and machine tech experience to give a more in depth description of how to fix all the problems that ensued after replacing this part. Since it takes time to communicate with Sailrite Tech support. Please E-mail me of you want help installing this part and fixing the addition issues at Wayn3hill@yahoo.com

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