Zigzag Stitch Sewing Machine Comparison Chart (PDF)

Item # X-HT-300085

If you’re in the market for a zigzag stitch sewing machine, Sailrite® sells two types of zigzag and straight stitch capable sewing machines: the Ultrafeed® LSZ-1 and the Professional. Both are fantastic, well-made sewing machines that can handle a variety of sewing projects. If you aren’t sure which sewing machine is right for you, we’ve made a helpful chart detailing the qualities and specifications of each machine.

When deciding between an Ultrafeed LSZ-1 and a Professional Sewing Machine, there is one vital difference between the machines that you should be aware of. The Ultrafeed is a portable machine and the Professional is an industrial machine. While the Ultrafeed can be moved around and carried wherever you want to go — so that you can sew on your boat, on the dock or even outside — the Professional must be set up in a stationary workspace. If you do not have the room to support an industrial size machine, the Ultrafeed would be the better choice for you. Its Industrial Carrying Case (PLUS and PREMIUM packages only) makes it easy to pack away and store when not in use.

Another big difference between our two zigzag machines is the length, width and steps of the zigzag stitch they produce. The Ultrafeed LSZ-1 has a maximum 5mm zigzag stitch width and a maximum 6mm straight stitch length. The LSZ-1 sews a 2-point zigzag stitch only, in which the zigzag has one straight stitch from point to point creating the back-and-forth diagonal zigzag pattern. The Professional has a 5mm maximum straight stitch length but has two maximum zigzag stitch widths. The Professional can sew both 2-point and 4-point zigzag stitches. A 4-point zigzag stitch (also known as a 3-step zigzag) consists of three straight stitches on each diagonal “leg” of the stitch. The maximum zigzag stitch width of the 2-point zigzag is 8mm and the max width of the 4-point zigzag is 10mm.

From these facts alone, you can deduce that the Professional Sewing Machine is recommended for people doing serious sail work and sail repair. We recommend the Professional for large sail and canvas projects, for professional sailmakers and medium-sized sail shops. The Ultrafeed is intended more for the DIY sewer or liveaboard sailor who wants to make their own repairs to their sails and other sewing projects while at sea.

These are both dependable, powerhouse machines for your sewing needs. Download the chart below to compare the two machines and determine which one is right for you. Once you decide between an Ultrafeed LSZ-1 or a Professional, then comes deciding which package you need. We offer the LSZ-1 in a BASIC, PLUS or PREMIUM package with various add-ons and accessories. The Professional is offered in both standard and long arm versions based on how much underarm space you need.

We’ve got great blog resources if you still need help deciding on which machine you need. Check out “Why Choose an Ultrafeed?” (300330XHT) and “Why Choose the Professional Zigzag Industrial Sewing Machine?” (300377XHT) for well-written, detailed blogs about these two machines. The “Ultrafeed Package Comparison Chart” (300084XHT) will help you choose the right package for your sewing needs.